Sunday, June 30, 2013

Take a hike

On the first day of vacation, we decided to hike the Mount Timpanogos cave. We made all of the proper preparations. We borrowed a baby backpack to carry the youngest. Our oldest practiced wearing her. We packed drinks and sunscreen. We consulted the internet which advised us of the need for reservations on the weekends. It was Monday, so we were good to go. Unfortunately, all of the tours were sold out by the time we arrived. Lucky for us, I brought our Pass of all Passes. We turned it into a caveman day and watched "The Croods" for no charge in American Fork. Well, no charge if you don't count the bucket of popcorn and sodas. It was great, as long as you don't mind giant cockroaches in the restroom. We ended with Lowes Extreme Air Sports trampoline park in Provo, again compliments of the Pass of All Passes. The kids loved flying from the trapeze to the foam pit. We decided to try hiking again, but we chose the Canyons because it was closer and didn't require reservations. Collin chose the shortest hike, until we spotted the chair lift/gondola/tram.  photo IMG_3721w-3.jpg photo IMG_3723.jpg photo IMG_3713w.jpg They enjoyed the view more than they had from the train. The heights scared them, that or it was the stories their Dad told of falling to certain death, but they were all smiles. We hiked to the lake. Our stroller was very impressive. I'm glad I backed over the last one so that I could purchase this one for $5 on KSL. We rented a paddle boat and explored the lake. photo IMG_3717w-3.jpg

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dinosaur Train

 photo IMG_3687.jpg We have been talking for years about taking the children on the Heber Creeper. I wanted to ride the Front Runner and call it good. When my Mother-in-Law invited us to her time share in Park City, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. If you time it right, it is Thomas the Train. At Christmas it becomes the Polar Express. When we arrived it was the Dinosaur Train. Pteranodon Station had dinosaur twister, a dinosaur dig, and tattoos.  photo IMG_3690.jpg Emma and Hana were excited to meet The Conductor. He needed his hat and vest.  photo IMG_3692.jpg We boarded the train and there was a random dancing green dinosaur. Collin would have preferred climbing under the bench than dancing. I was surprised that they didn't play The Dinosaur Train song. It got stuck in my head all the same. The temperature was perfect. We enjoyed the view. The kids were bored.  photo IMG_3696-1.jpg