Monday, July 29, 2013

The monkey bars that broke the monkey

 photo image-3.jpg We love to play at Ponds Park, but every time we do, someone gets hurt. Normally the monkey bars cause blisters. Last night it was worse. Hana fell and the crying continued into the night. I knew it was broken. We decided to wait until the next day for the X-ray. The home teachers gave her a blessing that her arm would heal. I am thankful that we had saved Collin's half cast from his fall when he was 5. We wrapped it, but she still couldn't bare the weight of lifting it, so we fashioned a scarf into a sling. The doctor was so impressed that he was convinced we had already been seen by an orthopedic specialist. He sent us for X-rays.  photo image-1.jpg Hana said that getting X-rays didn't hurt as much as she thought that it would because the nurse bent her arm slowly. photo image.jpg The doctor identified the break just below her growth plate in her radius. She is running a fever and her arm is hot to the touch. The swelling should improve by Friday when she gets her cast. She is thinking pink. I am thinking waterproof for her baptism on her birthday next month. She is going to practice writing with her left hand because school starts next month. Good thing casts aren't against the rules in soccer because that also starts next month.  photo image-2.jpg Here she is with her splint at the park. The red spinning circles above her head are the monkey bars from which she fell. No more Seven Peaks. No go kart racing. She can't even play Mario Kart. And she thought she was bored last week.