Thursday, April 6, 2017

Digital Citizenship

I would like to think that I am pretty knowledgeable about digital citizenship. My children are pretty knowledgeable. They have learned from their computer teacher, librarian, and assemblies. I am not currently teaching, but have spent the last four months renewing my teaching license. The classes have emphasized important aspects of digital citizenship.My favorite assignment was creating a Pinterest board. I found lots of great ideas to be used for white ribbon week or anytime really. I enjoyed the discussions more than my other classes because they occurred in almost real time compared to stretched out over months of the massive open online courses.

Monday, June 13, 2016


The first ride was Indiana Jones. They lucked out with only a twenty minute wait. We later saw a 70 minute wait to ride. That is why we loved mornings in Disneyland and got very little sleep. Hailey and I rode Astro Orbiter. She wanted to ride again and again, but we had to deliver the Star Tours and Buzz Light Year Astro Blasters Fast Passes. We decided to ride Pirates of the Caribbean together. It went much more smoothly than ten years ago. It didn't break down once. We basically walked on. It was fun to see the added Jack Sparrow. We rode it again our third day. Collin was fascinated by the digital effects on the Haunted Mansion. I loved the shadow playing the piano.It was 9:45 and time for Star Tours.  photo Disneyland-Tomorrowland-Star-Tours-Ride-C3PO.jpgNext up was The Jungle Cruise. We were hoping to see the addition of The Jungle Book, but that rumor was false. McKell was not prepared for such dry humor. photo IMG_1001.jpgTorrey loves the Tikki Room. And now Emma and Hailey do too. Hailey claimed Jose was her birdie. We were just happy to sit.  photo IMG_1005.jpgWe tried to ride Snow White, but it broke. Eventually we rode The Finding Nemo Submarine together, but the first time half of us went on the Ride Swap for Indiana Jones. It was time for everyone else to ride Space Mountain.  photo IMG_1020.jpgHailey spotted her horsie. Learning to take turns is painful when you are two. We rode twice before Pinocchio.  photo IMG_1011.jpgWe met everyone after Splash Mountain.  photo IMG_1016.jpgWe rode Winnie the Pooh while Daddy took McKell on the ride swap for Star Tours. Then he took the two youngest back to the hotel for naps and pool time. We ate barbecue. Collin napped under a tree. We rode Snow White.  photo IMG_1017.jpg We rode Alice and Wonderland.  photo IMG_1018.jpgI got 157,000 on Buzz Light Year Astro Blaster. Then Matterhorn.>Our mistake was waiting 80 minutes for Space Mountain, but they refused to give us a ride swap and fast passes were gone.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Crystal Cove

We checked into our hotel before heading to Newport Beach. A storm rolled in. We had to be out before sunset, so it was a race. But definitely worth the $5 entrance fee. Hana is a natural poser. I love McKell's smile in this one. So happy to be out of the car, finally!  photo IMG_7703.jpg photo IMG_7721.jpg photo IMG_7722.jpg photo IMG_7704.jpg photo IMG_7709.jpgThere is no telling if she is happy to see the water or watch her siblings having fun. McKell created a board for all of her ideas for beach poses, but then it was more fun to chase waves.  photo IMG_7712.jpg photo IMG_7719.jpg photo IMG_7723.jpgI hope these three will always be there for each other through all of the storms of life. We were committed to attending 9 A.M. church, but at 9:20 we discovered that the internet address led us nowhere. We eventually found it. Hailey played with magnets on the back of a little boy's chair, so he took her toys. She said, "Don't take me stuff!" He threw a tantrum and eventually his mom took him out. It was uncomfortable. Collin wanted to find a wider (more popular) beach, so we headed to Huntington. We noticed that the air conditioning was blowing warmer and warmer air. We knew we wouldn't survive the return trip through the Mojave desert. We stopped at a couple of repair shops, but they were all booked up. I was nervous about how Hailey would behave at the beach. When McKell was her age, she walked right into the ocean and the waves went right over head, poor thing! Hailey found complete bliss digging in the sand with her bucket to make a castle.  photo IMG_7725.jpgBefore we left the hotel, Emma proclaimed that she hated the beach. She was only three months old the last time she saw the beach. She doesn't have any of the fears of sharks or crabs that McKell had at that age. We tried to convince her that it was our job as her parents to introduce her to the beauties of the earth. Her foul mood changed as she began collecting sea shells and chasing waves. Phew! photo IMG_7729.jpg photo IMG_7731.jpg photo IMG_7738w.jpg photo IMG_7741w.jpg photo IMG_7740w.jpg> photo IMG_7733w.jpg photo IMG_7747.jpg photo IMG_7743.jpgSoon, everyone grew tired of photos and ran for the waves. photo IMG_7730w.jpg Collin captured four crabs smaller than a nickel.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Where in the World

The kids have been begging. Hana was 3 months old the last time we went. She says that is not fair. It wasn't a possibility until we sold our house. Then we sold our house. After ten years it was time to return to Disneyland. Anticipation is (more than) half the fun. So we planned our trip (to death). No one wanted to miss school. We didn't want it to be too hot. We missed the last day of school. It was 110 degrees in Vegas.  photo IMG_7669.jpgHailey was completely fearless and completely annoyed that her life jacket was keeping her up. It is hard to be two. Thank goodness for big brothers.  photo IMG_7671.jpgEmma could swim about three strokes. But by the end of the night, she swam from one side of the pool to the other. Victory!  photo IMG_7697.jpg photo IMG_7701w.jpg photo IMG_7680w.jpg> photo IMG_7692.jpgHana had a blast jumping in. We loved the waterfall and palm trees.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Merry Christmas!

 photo 15210_10152893236745139_5220898729728745991_n.jpg Since my parents are serving a mission in the Czech Republic, I was feeling a bit down that we wouldn't be participating in the family nativity this year. This is Hailey's one chance to play this honored role. Not an hour later, we were asked to participate in this moment for the ward party. Heavenly Father knows our needs. I worried that Hailey wouldn't be meek and mild. It was such an honor to bathe and prepare her for this task. I am truly humbled to think of Mary's courage. She was up for the challenge. It turned out beautifully.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

 photo IMG_5547bwww_1.jpg The only thing more beautiful than a warm day in December is the fact that my daughter lifted the ban and allowed me to photograph her. She is finally coming out of her shell and gaining confidence in letting the rest of the word see her personality.

No stopping her

Is there anything this girl can't do? Watch out world, because she is no longer afraid to take risks. Excuse the brag, but it has gotten to the point that when she brings home a trophy, I have to ask her which accomplishment it is. Even her classroom teacher recognizes that she is one in a million. Here she is with her trophy from the Reflections contest. She composed a song on the piano and dedicated it to her classmate who lost his life in a snowmobile accident last year. She entitled it "Remembrance." She won first in her school. She received another trophy when she was selected in council to represent her school at regionals. You can listen to it here:  photo IMG_5518w.jpg  photo 10547719_10204513682134965_4846128667353851443_o.jpg This is the trophy that she and Savannah won for her Robotics team. She is a very strategic driver. The team will compete next month at state.