Monday, June 13, 2016


The first ride was Indiana Jones. They lucked out with only a twenty minute wait. We later saw a 70 minute wait to ride. That is why we loved mornings in Disneyland and got very little sleep. Hailey and I rode Astro Orbiter. She wanted to ride again and again, but we had to deliver the Star Tours and Buzz Light Year Astro Blasters Fast Passes. We decided to ride Pirates of the Caribbean together. It went much more smoothly than ten years ago. It didn't break down once. We basically walked on. It was fun to see the added Jack Sparrow. We rode it again our third day. Collin was fascinated by the digital effects on the Haunted Mansion. I loved the shadow playing the piano.It was 9:45 and time for Star Tours.  photo Disneyland-Tomorrowland-Star-Tours-Ride-C3PO.jpgNext up was The Jungle Cruise. We were hoping to see the addition of The Jungle Book, but that rumor was false. McKell was not prepared for such dry humor. photo IMG_1001.jpgTorrey loves the Tikki Room. And now Emma and Hailey do too. Hailey claimed Jose was her birdie. We were just happy to sit.  photo IMG_1005.jpgWe tried to ride Snow White, but it broke. Eventually we rode The Finding Nemo Submarine together, but the first time half of us went on the Ride Swap for Indiana Jones. It was time for everyone else to ride Space Mountain.  photo IMG_1020.jpgHailey spotted her horsie. Learning to take turns is painful when you are two. We rode twice before Pinocchio.  photo IMG_1011.jpgWe met everyone after Splash Mountain.  photo IMG_1016.jpgWe rode Winnie the Pooh while Daddy took McKell on the ride swap for Star Tours. Then he took the two youngest back to the hotel for naps and pool time. We ate barbecue. Collin napped under a tree. We rode Snow White.  photo IMG_1017.jpg We rode Alice and Wonderland.  photo IMG_1018.jpgI got 157,000 on Buzz Light Year Astro Blaster. Then Matterhorn.>Our mistake was waiting 80 minutes for Space Mountain, but they refused to give us a ride swap and fast passes were gone.

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