Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Stubbornness to the fourth power

 photo IMG_4509w.jpg Don't let this sweet smile fool you. It was a rough morning. This newly turned four year old had her first day of preschool and too many tantrums to count(none during school). There was crying over the fact that her mother used the wrong pony tail holder. Can you imagine? We were nearly late to school and she yelled all the way down the street that she no longer loved me. When she calmed down, I lovingly explained that no matter how angry she was with me, I would always love her. She patiently reciprocated with, "Mom, no matter how naughty you are, I will always love you." I couldn't stifle the laughter. It was very naughty of me to use the wrong elastic.  photo IMG_4496w.jpg I like to call this: "The forlorn unicorn." She wanted to eat carrots rather than have her picture taken.  photo IMG_4499w.jpg Rather than commemorating her birthday, this looks more like a dunce cap. I believe she thought that I should go to time out.  photo IMG_4505w.jpg As you can see, I gave in to letting her eat carrots. Such a wise choice.  photo IMG_4512w.jpg I tried to convince her to look over her shoulder so that we could see her backpack. She wouldn't stand up straight and finally admitted that she was farting (blush).  photo IMG_4504w.jpg She finally settled down and started to show me the personality I am more comfortable sharing with the world.  photo IMG_4506w.jpg Oh, the photographer's child.