Saturday, December 13, 2014

Merry Christmas!

 photo 15210_10152893236745139_5220898729728745991_n.jpg Since my parents are serving a mission in the Czech Republic, I was feeling a bit down that we wouldn't be participating in the family nativity this year. This is Hailey's one chance to play this honored role. Not an hour later, we were asked to participate in this moment for the ward party. Heavenly Father knows our needs. I worried that Hailey wouldn't be meek and mild. It was such an honor to bathe and prepare her for this task. I am truly humbled to think of Mary's courage. She was up for the challenge. It turned out beautifully.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

 photo IMG_5547bwww_1.jpg The only thing more beautiful than a warm day in December is the fact that my daughter lifted the ban and allowed me to photograph her. She is finally coming out of her shell and gaining confidence in letting the rest of the word see her personality.

No stopping her

Is there anything this girl can't do? Watch out world, because she is no longer afraid to take risks. Excuse the brag, but it has gotten to the point that when she brings home a trophy, I have to ask her which accomplishment it is. Even her classroom teacher recognizes that she is one in a million. Here she is with her trophy from the Reflections contest. She composed a song on the piano and dedicated it to her classmate who lost his life in a snowmobile accident last year. She entitled it "Remembrance." She won first in her school. She received another trophy when she was selected in council to represent her school at regionals. You can listen to it here:  photo IMG_5518w.jpg  photo 10547719_10204513682134965_4846128667353851443_o.jpg This is the trophy that she and Savannah won for her Robotics team. She is a very strategic driver. The team will compete next month at state.