Saturday, December 13, 2014

Merry Christmas!

 photo 15210_10152893236745139_5220898729728745991_n.jpg Since my parents are serving a mission in the Czech Republic, I was feeling a bit down that we wouldn't be participating in the family nativity this year. This is Hailey's one chance to play this honored role. Not an hour later, we were asked to participate in this moment for the ward party. Heavenly Father knows our needs. I worried that Hailey wouldn't be meek and mild. It was such an honor to bathe and prepare her for this task. I am truly humbled to think of Mary's courage. She was up for the challenge. It turned out beautifully.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

 photo IMG_5547bwww_1.jpg The only thing more beautiful than a warm day in December is the fact that my daughter lifted the ban and allowed me to photograph her. She is finally coming out of her shell and gaining confidence in letting the rest of the word see her personality.

No stopping her

Is there anything this girl can't do? Watch out world, because she is no longer afraid to take risks. Excuse the brag, but it has gotten to the point that when she brings home a trophy, I have to ask her which accomplishment it is. Even her classroom teacher recognizes that she is one in a million. Here she is with her trophy from the Reflections contest. She composed a song on the piano and dedicated it to her classmate who lost his life in a snowmobile accident last year. She entitled it "Remembrance." She won first in her school. She received another trophy when she was selected in council to represent her school at regionals. You can listen to it here:  photo IMG_5518w.jpg  photo 10547719_10204513682134965_4846128667353851443_o.jpg This is the trophy that she and Savannah won for her Robotics team. She is a very strategic driver. The team will compete next month at state.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

from our little turkey  photo IMG_5426c.jpg

Friday, November 21, 2014


 photo 10931326_10204925245023780_1856099490398801433_n.jpg Hana is our ray of sunshine and quite the entertainer. She was chosen to represent her school at the district storytelling festival where she was chosen to present Lazy Jack at the Weber State University Storytelling Festival. She received a perfect score, except one judge gave a 3 for "Is it unique?" They commented "Very Clear! Great Facial Expressions. Very entertaining to watch. You had the audience captivated. So Good (on Voice Expression). We loved it!! Love hearing the audience's reaction. Loved how you showed how heavy the donkey was! My Favorite Story of the Night!"

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

6 months

 photo IMG_5484c.jpg Peek a boo  photo IMG_5482s.jpg  photo IMG_5492s.jpg  photo IMG_5494s.jpg  photo IMG_5508s.jpg  photo 10486414_10204242243989181_4383889206746020595_n.jpg

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Annie Jr.

 photo 241010_10205251815957503_3842337396309331188_ow.jpg McKell landed the role of Eleanor and Hana played Mae the orphan and loved it.  photo IMG_5322.jpg  photo 10714498_10205277018307546_8619896274062634000_o.jpg  photo IMG_5328.jpg  photo 10655246_10205263960461108_945946667654010059_o.jpg  photo 10414547_10205264137385531_4963066450232337200_n.jpg

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Davis County Mud Run

My girls had fun at the mud run. They were doubting me that morning, but you should have seen their smiles once they started. A group of boys fell down when McKell rounded the last stretch. It's probably not the last time they will try to chase her. She had good speed and came in ninth. You can watch the videos here: and  photo IMG_5043s.jpg  photo IMG_5057s.jpg

Monday, July 7, 2014

Anne of Green Gables

 photo _KJP9208_zps2a3ad46dw_2.jpg My girls got their first taste of theater performing in Kaysville's production of Anne of Green Gables. They really shined. And now they are hooked. They have big dreams and life long friends. Hana loved that we had to curl her naturally curly hair into ringlets.  photo IMG_4912bws.jpg  photo _KJP8792_zps7ca1860aw.jpg  photo _KJP9139_zps97867dc2w.jpg

Friday, May 9, 2014

Hailey Kauai Rentz  photo IMG_4900bwc.jpg We lived in our new Utah ward for a couple of months before your dad received his calling to serve in the nursery. They joked in Sunday School that the other brother who was also called would soon decide to have a baby. It caught me by complete surprise later that day when your daddy told me that if it were up to him, he would continue having children. I had no idea that he felt that way. I really had to talk him into having a third and fourth child. I assumed a fifth was out of the question. I pondered this in my heart for a week before we decided together. Our life looks nothing like it did a year ago. Torrey changed jobs. We moved out of the state to a new home in different schools in a different ward. Our lives had already been turned upside down, why not add to the chaos? I remember talking with Brad Pickett a few days after Torrey lost his job. Knowing that Brad and his family had experienced similar struggles, Torrey asked him how long he thought it would take for the “nasty butterflies” to go away. Brad responded that it had been a few years and he still struggled. He warned us not to ask the Lord if it could get any worse, because it can always get worse. But then he said something I will never forget. He said, “Torrey, this trial that you are going through may not even be for you. The Lord has a higher purpose. It might be for one of your children. There is a reason that He needs you and your children to change locations.” I didn’t even consider it at the time, but I believe that child was you, Hailey. We were very comfortable in our lives before all of these changes. I don’t think we would have ever considered adding to our family before our lives changed so much. We are so glad for all that we learned from our struggles. And we are so blessed to have you join our family. I was completely optimistic that this time would be different. I wanted to be like those mom’s from stroller boot camp who run up until the day they deliver. I convinced myself that as long as I ate right I could deal with the nausea. I should have known how wrong I was when I started to get sick at just 3 weeks. I kept running, but the runs got shorter and shorter. McKell and I ran the stake 5K. She didn’t know I was expecting. She took an early lead. I kept thinking she would tire out and I would catch up to her. I soon realized that would not happen. I was so sick. She tied my best time of 31:38. I did better than I did on my previous 5K. I’m not as fast at this elevation. That was my last run. Pretty soon I gave up the green smoothies and Dee’s cereal because it was easier to keep down cold cereal. Before we attended the blessing of Torrey’s niece Tiffani’s baby Hazel, I found out I was expecting on September 2, 2013. We decided to keep the secret, because it’s a long time for kids to wait. But then I saw the way they adored Hazel. We couldn’t wait to tell them. We planned a special family home evening on September 16, 2013. We talked about Heavenly Father’s plan for families to be together forever. I set up the camera under the guise that I wanted a family picture, but instead I recorded their reaction as I announced the news that we would welcome another one of Heavenly Father’s children into our family. Collin was the first to understand what I was saying. He jumped up off of the couch and shouted, “Yes!” McKell and Hana started crying. I had to check to be sure that they were indeed crying happy tears. They were so overjoyed. I wanted to be sure they understood the challenges that this new change would bring. They all promised to step up and help. It was still early to announce my pregnancy, so Emma did it for me. We decided to tell the rest of the neighbors all at the same time by sharing the video through FaceBook on September 17, 2013. Here are the responses: Marissa Peterson, Karla Stringer Bryant and 56 others like this. Calyn Petersen Sweetest reactions ever!!! Congrats! Stephanie Lott Bainbridge Yay! Congratulations!! Mimi Linford Earnshaw So exciting! Jamie Case Congratulations! Kathryn Hymas Haroldsen That is so great! Congratulations! ReNee O. McDonald That is priceless! It made me weepy to watch your girls! What a lucky baby!!! Tomi Scott Smith How exciting for your family! Congratulations to all of you!! Celestial Starr Brandley Seriously, the cutest reactions I've ever seen!!! Lilia Jasmin Henriquez-Boren Congratulations! Angelene Fisher Heileson Holy crap congratulations. I am so excited for you. Best reactions ever. I love the crying. So awesome. If we had another the reaction would not be that way. My 14 would freak out. So to save her the agony we would have to really know. Wendy way to go with following the promptings of the spirit. Betty Poole-Jensen Congrats!! So happy for you!! :) Jessica Matthews Adams Congrats,Wendy! Holli Cooper Ohngren What a touching reaction! Sure got my year ducts working today :-) congratulations! Jen Blackburn <3 Maryann Carter That's so exciting that brought tears to my eyes!!! Congrats keep us posted!! Michelle Bahl That is too cute!! I had to watch it multiple times. Having Collin in Sunday School, that was the most excited I have ever seen him. That is one lucky baby! Congrats!!! Nichole Bell Jason Jorgensen SO thrilled for you! Wendy Nye Yay!!! Congrats!!!!!!! More babies for me to hold in Sunday School! Cara Ashcroft Horton Oh my goodness your kids are so sweet!! Congratulations! Alyssa Jemison Wright Wow! That is exciting for your family! Congratulations! Audrey Chase Slade Wahoo!! Your kids are awesome!! So glad you shared this. Nickomy Carter Congrats- one step closer to breaking the family record! Lisa Ball Cardon Loved watching Collins Reaction too! So wonderful!! Kaylee Fry Ogden Yay !!! Congratulations !!!!! Becky Claunch Hope ahhhh haha:) That is so sweet and special!! Congrats to you guys!!:) Rachel Williams Keppner Awesome, awesome, SUPER like!!! Your older daughter's reaction is just what my Dierdre would do! Love those sweet and sensitive Keppner ladies! <3 Jennifer Sargent Lotz Congrats!!!!!! Anne Kimball Kirkham Yahoo!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And thank you for videoing and sharing! :) Sarah Boren That was the cutest thing ever!!! Kristina Lake makes me tear up.....everytime! love it! Melanie Boyce Ball-Ray Ball So sweet! I cried too! Congrats Wendy! You guys sure make some sweet beautiful kids the world needs more! Faith Sieler So awesome!!! Love you guys! Congratulations!!! Whitney Mae Miller Cutest reactions ever! Andrea Cutforth Prudent Oh how exciting!!! Congratulations to you guys!! Can't wait to hear what you're having!!!! Rachelle Crawford Awe that's great news!!! That made me tear up with their reactions! Camie Draxler She already did! :) How exciting! Babies are great! Mindy Gerard Congrats!!! Christine Esterline Speek That is awesome. Congratulations! Such a precious family! Karla Stringer Bryant Congrats!!! Sue Thomas Adamson So happy for you Wendy! You have a darling family! How exciting!:) Erika Lessing Fun! Jennifer Lovell Vest Congrats. Molly Sant Congrats!!! Cute reaction from your kids:) Shauna Dalton careful, so cute, it could go viral! Congrat to your whole family, and you do a wonderful job with your family!! Elisha Aldred Walton Oh my heck!!! That is awesome news and awesome responses!! Congrats. I hope you're feeling good!!!!! Haley Terry Such an amazing video! Glad u caught this special moment on video! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am in total shock!!! So cool!!!! Sarah Henderson Quilling That is the most beautiful thing ever! Emma suggested the name Twinkle Toes or Princess P. She told me that she couldn’t remember what the baby looked like, but she knew that they had played peek-a-boo. And she knew you were a girl. Emma did a great job taking care of me. She was really good to let me sleep nearly every single day, but she did tell me she didn’t like it when I couldn’t get up. The more I exerted myself, the sicker I felt the next day. It was awful. I vowed to hibernate until May. I got my wish when the doctor prescribed phenergan for nausea because it made me so sleepy. I heard your heart beat for the first time on October 22, 2013. It took my breath away. It was your first ultrasound. It was love at first sight. I was surprised to see your big belly. The nurse assured me that you were normal. The nurse said you looked like a cinnamon bear and she wanted to give me one. I had already gained 7 pounds (from eating constantly to avoid throwing up). I always look forward to taking the girls trick or treating, but that wasn’t even an option. Fortunately, they were able to go with their friends. They were afraid that if I took them that I might use their treat bags as barf bags. I made no promises to those who came to my door. That would be a trick instead of a treat. I was surprised by how many sets of three generations came to my door. I only knew a couple of trick or treaters. The entire family came to your 15 week ultrasound on November 19, 2013, but you kept your knees bent and your ankles tucked and crossed. You rolled and flipped and kept your sex a secret for another month. The kids were bitterly disappointed and angry with the doctor. It was yet another opportunity for us to practice patience. The kids were in school December 18, 2013 when your dad, Emma and I learned that you were a perfectly healthy baby girl. Your dad is still hoping for another boy and decided we could always have another. I was so sick that I disagreed. I can’t believe our Heavenly Father blessed us with four princesses. Collin only promised to let me store the baby clothes in his room if you were a boy. Emma was supposed to keep the secret from Collin until I brought the girls home from school. She didn’t keep the secret. We showed the girls the DVD and the technician typed, “It’s a girl!” and they were so excited. Collin was mad that he was the only one that had waited and would have to keep waiting. We reminded him that this was Heavenly Father’s plan. I announced it on FaceBook by posting a picture of Emma at 10 days all in pink. This was the reaction: Alison Pond Pickett You do make gorgeous girls! From one mother of 4 girls to another - congratulations!! Kimberly Prolo Keppner Congratulations! Girls are awesome! Rebecca Elliott Yeah, why mess with perfection - you've got the gorgeous girl thing down to a tee Becky Isbell Westergard Congrats!! I totally thought you delivered way early and thought "wow that baby looks good for being so early" glad it isn't her just yet Camie Draxler Geez. I forgot today was the day! How exciting! Kaylee Fry Ogden Congrats! Joanie Goodsell Anderson Yay girls!! Karen Scott Congrats! How fun! Kathryn Hymas Haroldsen Excited for you guys! You do have cute girls! Trina Ramirez Cute! Erika Lessing Wonderful!! Isn't she sweet. Melinda Porter Dickson How exciting! Molly Sant Well- you make beautiful girls! Congrats:):) I was sitting in Sunday School a month before my due date when I suddenly had a strong contraction. Two minutes later I had another. Then one minute later. Then I had no breaks, just one contraction after another. I didn’t want Torrey to leave me and go to priesthood. I didn’t want to drive myself home. I felt dizzy. I was certain it was too early. We went home and called the doctor. He wasn’t too concerned. He told us to wait two hours and go to the hospital. I didn’t want to go until I was ready for an epidural. I really thought they would want to stop labor or give me something to help the baby’s lungs mature. Torrey went back to church and brought our home teacher over for a blessing. The moment the drop of oil touched my head I felt relief from the contractions for the first time in 45 minutes. The blessing was very comforting and assured me that you would be born healthy and strong. The contractions weren’t as painful, but still one on top of another. I packed my hospital bag completely. I finished the dishes and the laundry. I caught my journal up to date after being two years behind. Your dad brought the kids home from church early. They were all in a panic with tears streaming down their faces. They were very unsettled to see their Dad without Mom and they were worried. I told them it was okay and it wasn’t time yet. We were all on high alert. I had just been sitting in sacrament thinking how nice it would be not to tell anyone and just enjoy being home as a family with a new baby. I was able to take a nap. Contractions continued until after 1 A.M. I still felt lots of movement, but I went to the doctor on Monday to be sure you were handling everything well. No progress. None. I was convinced that was good news because you needed time to grow. I felt silly because all of that pain had accomplished nothing. I was the boy who cried wolf. Did my uterus really need that much “practice”? We got the answer on Wednesday when my 36 week ultrasound revealed that you were breech. Every previous ultrasound showed you as head down. You were transverse. Your head was on my right and your feet were on the left. Your head rested against my sore rib, leaving me a few stretch marks there as a souvenir. It explains why breathing was so difficult. I know it won’t be the last time that you remind is that we are not the ones in charge. The doctor wanted to re-check one week later. If you were still breech then we would schedule an external inversion at the hospital. The doctor would attempt to flip you into position. It is supposed to be quite painful. If anything went wrong, they would deliver you via emergency C-section. I tried crawling, crawling down stairs, and lying down with pillows tipping me backwards. It was awful for my acid reflux and head aches. Sometimes I would lie down and no longer feel your head pressing on my rib, but as soon as I stood up, your head would be in my side. On Sunday I was lying in bed next to Collin and your Dad when your movements were quite painful. I cried out. Prayers were answered. I didn’t need the doctor to flip you, because the angels did. My ribs were still sore, but for the first time in months I could take full deep breaths. The doctor confirmed at the ultrasound that you were in the right position. It was wonderful. On April 27th Grandma Sally was removing masking tape from a paint job at the house she is restoring in Farmington when she stepped off the ladder. She thought she was on the bottom rung, but she was one step up. She hit her head and hurt her back. We are grateful she didn’t break anything, but she would no longer be able to watch the kids while I was in the hospital. The next day, Torrey’s step-mom Lou passed away from complications with pulmonary fibrosis. I started having contractions at 6:45 P.M. May 3rd. They were about 5 minutes apart. After a couple of hours, I got a break for a couple of hours. I was absolutely miserable when I woke up at 2 A.M. My belly felt like it was cinched so tightly that I had to stand up. Torrey woke up at 3. I told him it was time to go to the hospital. He encouraged me to wait. I listened to the hypno birthing CD and relaxed enough to get some sleep. At church everyone asked, “What are you doing here?” I timed contractions all through Sunday School and Relief Society on my iPad. Torrey went alone to Lou’s viewing alone. When he came home, he decided it was time to go to the hospital. He gave me a blessing that you would come in your own time. I took that to mean that it wasn’t time. We decided to at least go see how well you were tolerating 23 hours of contractions. It took 2 hours for the nurse to monitor you for 15 minutes because you were so wiggly. I was still dilated to one. They tested my urine and discovered I was dropping ketones. The nurse told me to eat more. I laughed. I’d never weighed more in my life. We went to Lou’s funeral. It was good to see relatives I hadn’t seen in a dozen years. Daddy’s mom told everyone I was in labor. I said, “No, just lots of contractions.” Grandma Sally requested you be born on her birthday. Initially, I had wanted to wait, but then I was miserable. When my doctor suggested I be induced on May 9th, I agreed, knowing it was meant to be. The neighbor agreed to feed the kids dinner that night and let them sleep on the floor in her playroom as a big slumber party. They were excited. I read a wonderful book called: “The Gift of Giving Life.” It relates many personal experiences. A sister receives a blessing after several early trips to the hospital. She learned that her son was having a hard time leaving friends in the pre-existence. This struck me. I had never pondered the fear and trepidation of leaving heaven for earth life. I had always imagined you shouting for joy and waiting impatiently for your turn. Your Dad gave me a beautiful priesthood blessing. It reminds me of Elder Holland’s quote from the November 2008 Ensign: ”Usually such beings are not seen. Sometimes they are. But seen or unseen they are always near. Sometimes the messages are more private. Occasionally the angelic purpose is to warn. But most often it is to comfort, to provide some form of merciful attention, guidance in difficult times. I testify that angels are still sent to help us.” Your Dad said that Heavenly Father is happy with me and our choice to bring a baby into this world. You are a special spirit to him. He promised not to let you forget your Heavenly Father. You will teach us love. He prayed that you and I would be healthy and strong. He blessed me to have a natural birth (meaning non-C-section) with the will and determination to push. He blessed me that I would heal fast. I was nervous about having to get the I.V. in my hand (as I did with Emma), but my nurse Christi did an awesome job and placed it on the side below my left elbow. The cool saline felt reassuring. More than once it made me feel as though someone was comforting me, resting a hand on my arm. It could have been an attending angel, who was there for me because my own mother is in the Czech Republic doing the Lord’s work. The doctor said I was at a three when he broke my water at 11:30A.M. I tolerated the contractions until 1:30 P.M. I felt so good after each contraction, but with pitocin the contractions became stronger and stronger and lasted longer and longer. Unfortunately, I had to wait because someone else was in line ahead of me. The anesthesiologist did a great job and I could still wiggle my toes. I was at a 5. Grandma Sally picked the kids up from school and brought them to the hospital at about 3. I was at an 8. At 3:10, I was at a 9. The nurse turned off the pitocin because the doctor was at McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden delivering someone else’s baby. Traffic was really bad. Waiting was difficult to say the least. I was so cold that I started shaking. The blood pressure cuff alarm went off because of a high reading and the infant bed heater went off in addition to the beeping of your internal heart monitor. It was too much. The hypno birth CD helped again. I loved looking at the baby bed with the tiniest little diaper. It was such a relief when Dr. Spencer finally arrived. Two contractions and you were here. You looked just like your sisters with dark brown curly hair. Your eyes are blue with a beautiful light hue. Your cry is adorable. You weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces and peed all over the scale. One nurse was taken by surprise and asked where the liquid was coming from. Yep, it was you. The kids came in and each took two turns holding you. Grandma said it was the best birthday present ever. I loved the look on Collin’s face as he leaned his head close to you. He wished they would bathe you so that he could kiss you. McKell was all happy tears. Emma couldn’t hold back her sadness at having to wait for Hana to finish her turn. You seemed to recognize Emma’s voice, as you should since she talked to you non-stop for the last 9 months.  photo IMG_4808bww.jpg This is the reaction when I shared your picture on FaceBook: Molly Sant, Andrea Cutforth Prudent, Becky Claunch Hope and 87 others like this. Eileen Ashcroft Jemison Details?! Becky Isbell Westergard Congrats!! What a cutie :-) Angelene Fisher Heileson Ahhhh no way. Congratulations. Yes details please. So happy for you. I am excited to see pictures of your kids with this perfect little baby. ReNee O. McDonald Welcome home Hailey! Natalee Snarr Yea!!! Congrats!!! Kathryn Hymas Haroldsen Awe so cute! Congratulations!!! Alison Pond Pickett Ahhh - so sweet :) Congratulations Brinda Butikofer Chiddix Sweet baby, congrats mama and daddy. Angelene Fisher Heileson Perfect in every way and so jealous of that curly hair. Welcome Hailey to a family that will never let you down and you'll always be held. Whoot whoot. Kaylee Fry Ogden Congrats!!! She is so cute! Marissa Peterson Congrats! Crystal Jorgensen Nielsen She is absolutely gorgeous! Must take after her mama! Congratulations :) Alyssa Jemison Wright Already? Congratulations- she is beautiful! Mindy Gerard Congrats!!!!! Nichole Bell Jason Jorgensen LOVE THIS! Congrats :) Amy Scalzo McNeely She's sooooo sweet! Congratulations! Christine Esterline Speek Beautiful. Congratulations! Tylynn Williams Gardner Sooo sweet. Congratulations! Christina Candland Jones Adorable, so happy for you. Ashley Steed Yay! Congratulations! Jen Blackburn Love that I get to call her niece, just wish I was close enough to hold her! Lindsey Winder Woolstenhulme Congratulations!! She is beautiful! Wendy Nye Oh my goodness she is beautiful! Trina Ramirez • 12 mutual friends Congratulations! She is so cute. Shalice Jones Keppner Beautiful! Congrats! Anne Kimball Kirkham Congratulations!! What a beautiful baby. So happy for you and your family :) Monte Keppner We tried to Skype with you yesterday to see how things were going. We are so grateful that both of you are doing so well. We all are truly blessed. Monica Hendricks Couch Such a muffin! :-) Congratulations, Wendy!! Jamie Case Congratulations!!!! Mimi Linford Earnshaw I'm so excited for your family! She is absolutely beautiful! Nick Haroldsen • 3 mutual friends Congratulations! Rachel Williams Keppner Beautiful!!! <3 Karen Scott Congrats! So super cute!!! Andrea Carlisle Dallimore So awesome! Leida Hunt So sweet! Congrats! Maryann Carter she is beautiful!!! Congrats:) Michelle Falco CONGRATS!! Hannah Costley Singleton Congrats! Sarah Henderson Quilling Yay! I was just thinking about y'all ! Hugs and kisses to each & every one! Elisha Aldred Walton Congrats Wendy . Beautiful! Collin wrote his own post: Yesterday, my brand new little sister was born. Hailey Kauai Rentz. It was May 9, 2014 at 4:05P.M. Weighing 7 pounds 3 ounces. Even though I was hoping for a boy... I am still glad to have her. I’m glad for the opportunity for my parents to bring another one of Heavenly Father’s children into this world. I am glad the delivery was successful. And thankful there wasn’t an extra toe or two. Thank you Mom for all you have done. I love you! You, Brandon Keppner, Kimberly Prolo Keppner, Monte Keppner and 5 others like this. Jen Blackburn Very beautifully written, you are an amazing big brother! Wendy Keppner Rentz I love you too son. Thanks for being an amazing big brother to FOUR little sisters. I'm sure Heavenly Father will make it up you somehow. Shalice Jones Keppner You are so amazing! Your mother and sisters are lucky to have you! At one point during the night, you kicked off your monitoring ankle bracelet. How well I remember those kicks! A nursery worker rushed in to slide it back on. You screamed as though you had lost a limb. You were so sleepy the next day that they checked your blood sugar. You were fine, but it woke you up enough that you were finally hungry. Your Dad went home to sleep with the kids, but McKell stayed over night in the hospital. She was such a good helper. I was so happy to have her company. Hana was jealous to say the least. McKell was so happy to have you (mostly) to herself. She stayed up much too late adoring you. She didn’t want you to sleep in the nursery, but I knew I couldn’t deal with the nursery nurse checking on you every two hours. We kept you in the room until 11:30 P.M. They brought you in at 3:45 A.M. That was much too early to start my day and the parade of nurses all hours of the morning didn’t help us sleep. You had your days and nights mixed up. You were still on Heaven Standard Time. The next night at home you screamed and cried worse than Emma until 1:30 A.M. It was exhausting. You were hoarse from screaming. I cried because I couldn’t relieve your suffering. I worried that you had acid reflux or allergies. I had fallen asleep next to you when I felt you kick my stomach. My first thought was, “No! I don’t want to be pregnant anymore.” I was relieved to open my eyes and confirm that your kicks feel the same on the outside as on the in. The pediatrician discovered that not only had you not regained your birth weight, but you had lost more than a pound. That was the reason for all of the crying. You were starving. It also explained why I had so much milk. We decided to pump. You were immediately so much happier. You had trouble swallowing and breathing, but the doctor said it was still early and you would learn. The lactation consultant recommended a nipple shield that made it easier for you to latch on. You started sleeping better and became the newborn I dreamed of. You weighed 6 lbs. 12 oz. when we left the hospital (the exact same amount Hana and Emma weighed at birth). You weighed 6 lbs. 0.5 oz. on May 14th. Two days later you weighed 6 lbs. 6 oz. I cheered. We still have a ways to go, but you are doing so much better. I really wanted to photograph you sooner, but we are going to focus on eating first, which is a full time job. I drove Emma to Daddy’s work so that he could take her to the zoo. You and I went to Costco. You did really well in your car seat, but you quickly signaled that you had had enough. Your timing was impeccable. Just as I finished changing your diaper and was starting a bottle, an elderly woman shuffled in. She asked, “Can one of you ladies help me? I am blind.” I had a baby in one arm and a bottle in the other. I looked at the other woman thinking she would step up and help. I guess she was deaf because she completely ignored both of us. I propped the bottle under my chin and helped guide the blind woman. She said, “My husband helps me every where, except here.” I decided to finish feeding you and wait for the woman to come out. You seemed so much happier having completed your task of getting your mother to the right place at the right time to do a good deed for the day. I heard an older gentleman in the hall asking another woman if his wife was alright. She had no idea. I stepped into the hall and assured him that she was fine. He looked like my mission president. I helped her find the sink, but the soap was another matter. I ended up helping her the same way I help Emma wash her hands. I grabbed her elbow and escorted her to her husband. He was overjoyed to see her. To me, he said, “You’ve got your hands full.” It’s true. I don’t think you have finished serving as a guardian angel. Your Dad never tires of telling you that you are the most beautiful baby in the world. Our family is finally complete. There is no better feeling. You are loved.  photo IMG_4830bw.jpg  photo IMG_4860bw.jpg  photo IMG_4870bwc.jpg  photo IMG_4885c.jpg