Sunday, June 12, 2016

Crystal Cove

We checked into our hotel before heading to Newport Beach. A storm rolled in. We had to be out before sunset, so it was a race. But definitely worth the $5 entrance fee. Hana is a natural poser. I love McKell's smile in this one. So happy to be out of the car, finally!  photo IMG_7703.jpg photo IMG_7721.jpg photo IMG_7722.jpg photo IMG_7704.jpg photo IMG_7709.jpgThere is no telling if she is happy to see the water or watch her siblings having fun. McKell created a board for all of her ideas for beach poses, but then it was more fun to chase waves.  photo IMG_7712.jpg photo IMG_7719.jpg photo IMG_7723.jpgI hope these three will always be there for each other through all of the storms of life. We were committed to attending 9 A.M. church, but at 9:20 we discovered that the internet address led us nowhere. We eventually found it. Hailey played with magnets on the back of a little boy's chair, so he took her toys. She said, "Don't take me stuff!" He threw a tantrum and eventually his mom took him out. It was uncomfortable. Collin wanted to find a wider (more popular) beach, so we headed to Huntington. We noticed that the air conditioning was blowing warmer and warmer air. We knew we wouldn't survive the return trip through the Mojave desert. We stopped at a couple of repair shops, but they were all booked up. I was nervous about how Hailey would behave at the beach. When McKell was her age, she walked right into the ocean and the waves went right over head, poor thing! Hailey found complete bliss digging in the sand with her bucket to make a castle.  photo IMG_7725.jpgBefore we left the hotel, Emma proclaimed that she hated the beach. She was only three months old the last time she saw the beach. She doesn't have any of the fears of sharks or crabs that McKell had at that age. We tried to convince her that it was our job as her parents to introduce her to the beauties of the earth. Her foul mood changed as she began collecting sea shells and chasing waves. Phew! photo IMG_7729.jpg photo IMG_7731.jpg photo IMG_7738w.jpg photo IMG_7741w.jpg photo IMG_7740w.jpg> photo IMG_7733w.jpg photo IMG_7747.jpg photo IMG_7743.jpgSoon, everyone grew tired of photos and ran for the waves. photo IMG_7730w.jpg Collin captured four crabs smaller than a nickel.

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